Building a
Web3 Global FSP
one tokenised asset at a time

Through legal structuring, asset tokenisation, and financial utility, we are creating a new paradigm in the financial services industry.

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We make all assets investable via traditional banking structures and asset tokenisation services

Structuring & Tokenisation

Turn any investment idea into a bankable security - on chain.

Tokenise Alternative Assets

- Private equity
- Private debt
- Real estate

- Energy
- Infrastructure
- Collectables, etc

Tokenise Traditional Assets

- Equities
- Bonds
- Commodities

- Foreign Exchange
- Structured products

Tokenise Digital Assets

- Cryptocurrencies
- DeFi
- Portfolios

- High frequency trading
- Pre-ICO
- Crypto Mining

Available Token Types

Actively Managed Certificates

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Credit Linked Notes

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Tracker Certificates

Our Legal Structuring & Tokenisation Product


Issue tokenised assets onto a regulatory compliant network

Public Permissioned

XCAP is a Public Permissioned, EVM compatible, Proof of Stake Network.

Permissioned Proof of Stake

Since validators are known this is a secure implementation of blockchain for financial services.

Consensus Technology

Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol rooted in Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs).

ERC1400 Security Tokens

The token standard exclusively for issuing securities.

FSP Validators Only

Banks, stock exchanges, credit providers, and other FSPs.

Fast & Efficient

High performance blockchain with no gas fees.

Our Issuance & Technology Product
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Bring your tokens to life with our financial service protocols.

Wallet Custody

Access bank grade security and custody solutions.


Connect directly with investors and enable P2P trades.


Enable payment capabilities on your tokenised investment products.

Federated KYC

Robust KYC tools, fully integrated and BAFIN compliant.


Built in collateralised lending solution for all your products.


Enable FX regulatory compliant remittance, across any asset.

Our Distribution & Utility Product


Our technology stack enables the full value chain, from on-chain issuance to scalable utility & secure custody.
Tokenisation & Issuance Platform

The XCAP Network is a Public Permissioned Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain. This network adheres to a Proof of Authority (PoA) model and features permissioned validators, who must be licensed Financial Service Providers (FSPs).

Distribution & Utility Platform

RainFin is a regulated financial services platform that brings innovation and global investment directly to users. RainFin allows users to  hedge against local currency, earn returns, borrow, as well as remit their assets cross-borders.


XCAP Consulting Full Service Offering

Benefits of working with XCAP Consulting

AUM revenue

Generate and collect revenue from your asset’s under Management.

Transactional revenue

Earn income each time your product facilitates a transaction.

Access to global audiences

Gain access to an international investor base, without the hassle.

Off and on chain issuance

Issue digital based assets or paper backed certificates.

Public permissioned & permissionless chains

Choose where and how your products are accessed.

Access to our financial service protocols

Enable additional utility on top of your products.

Investment Use Cases

See how XCAP Consulting is evolving finance