Innovative Services

RainFin services the entire value chain from legal structuring to utility (trading, redemption, etc) of tokenised assets.

XCAP Consulting has been a single point enabler of the fractionalisation of real-world debt assets.
Our technology stack enables the full value chain, from on-chain issuance to scalable utility & secure custody.
Tokenisation & Issuance Platform

The XCAP Network is a Public Permissioned Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain. This network adheres to a Proof of Authority (PoA) model and features permissioned validators, who must be licensed Financial Service Providers (FSPs).

Distribution & Utility Platform

RainFin is a regulated financial services platform that brings innovation and global investment directly to users. RainFin allows users to  hedge against local currency, earn returns, borrow, as well as remit their assets cross-borders.

See how XCAP Consulting is evolving finance

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