About RainFin

RainFin simplifies the end-to-end journey for our clients, from concept to the creation of globally tradable tokenised assets.

We’ve been a pioneer in disrupting and rebuilding Financial Markets Infrastructures for over a decade.
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Years Operation

Our Vision

For retail and corporate clients, RainFin provides a liquid, tokenised, and fully-compliant global USD savings and earnings instrument. RainFin has, as its goal, a market where finance can function without friction, giving every global citizen and entity across the world the ability to own yield generating assets, enabling them to build their wealth and protect themselves from local currency devaluation. We aim to lift our holders into a world where they have limited restrictions and dominion over their own assets.

The Team

The RainFin team has years of experience in the banking, financial services and FinTech sectors. Since 2012, RainFin has been a single point enabler of the fractionalisation of real-world debt assets.

RainFin continues to work with Regulated Financial Service Providers, large asset owners, and governments to bridge their USD Yielding assets on to smart contracts, blockchain and DeFi infrastructure, unlocking primary and secondary liquidity, new capital investors, global audiences, on-chain lending, and bearer instruments.

Sean Emery

CEO and Founder

Tobie van der Spuy


Stephen Pratt

Key Individual

Hannes van der Merwe

Non-executive Director

Tuskan Owen-Thomas

Head of Product

Leon Stevenson

UI/UX Designer

Nic Findlay

UX Engineer

Ciaran Gray

Product Associate

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